Trust of Business
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Trust of Business
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  • Reliabile & Secure
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Trust of Business
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  • Inventary Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Till Management
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Tally on Cloud

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Tally Mobile App

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Tally Prime

The Perfect companion of your business

Any number of users can simultaneously have read and write access. The Gold edition is usable with a maximum of ten users. You can manage as many companies (business entities) and personal books of accounts as you need. You may also create as many users as you need, and provide each with the appropriate level of security. With Remote Access, you can authorize access to your Chartered Accountants, who with their Tally PRIME – Auditors’ Edition, can remotely provide audit, compliance and advisory services.

Tally Service Partners can answer your queries and provide support via Remote Access. As a Gold user, you can create ten Tally.NET identities, with which your mobile users can login to your system from home or while on the move. Other users of Tally Prime can also grant access to you by authorizing these Tally.NET identities.

It is easy to migrate to Gold from Silver. Your license will get updated to Gold and you can now access Tally Prime from multiple systems without the need to make any other changes.

Manage your accounts easily

Tally adapts to the unique ways of your business whether you want to manage working capital or control inventory. Get a bird's eye view for any topic at any point in time. Drill down to the last detail and view reports before making decisions. Tally PRIME is a simplified solution that runs the complex parts of your business such as accounting, compliance and processes in the background. Tally is easy to learn and can be implemented with minimum resources.

Your one stop GST Ready solution

Tally PRIME is an end-to-end solution that factors in all GST related statutory changes as and when required. Tally has been an enabler of business compliance for more than a decade now. Minimize the chances of rejection of your GST returns. Error detection and correction capabilities are built into the software. You can rely on Tally to file your GST returns easily, correctly and on time. Starting from creating invoices to filing returns, Tally is your GST compliance partner.

Banking Made easy for you

Get rid of incidences of errors and other hassles involved in manual reconciliation with banking transactions. Tally PRIME offers auto bank reconciliation that will help you save time and avoid errors. You can print cheques of any bank with payment advice for neater presentation of invoices to your suppliers and clients. Keep a track of all issued post-dated cheque activities. Generate cash deposit slips as well.

Take Quick decisions

As your business grows, you need to make faster decisions at the right time backed with the right information. With Tally PRIME, you can get instant reports on business outstanding, stock ageing analysis, cost estimates, profitability analysis and other critical overviews at any place, anytime. You can design your own reports with most advanced filters, comparisons and alteration tools to get to the right detail.

Keep an eye on your business across locations & multi variety businesses

With Tally.ERP. Access business data from anywhere. If you have multiple stores or places of business, or if your business is operated from two or more locations, data can be synchronized using Tally-Tally Sync capability. Get data from all locations and generate consolidated reports without disturbing operations in any of the locations.

Tally PRIME is the ideal software for your business. It is used by over a million businesses across India. We understand that every business has its own complexities, exceptions and unique needs. Tally PRIME is designed with flexibility to handle all of these. The needs of your business change as it grows and Tally Prime is designed to scale. Let Tally manage your accounting and compliance, while you focus to grow your business.

We strive to be your first choice and one stop solution for off-the shelf software that your business needs. We believe our pillars of expertise of the software landscapes, our commitment to your success and our confidence in being able to recommend the right business software solutions for our clients is what differentiates us from the others and are the foundations of our success today and in the future.

  • Where a single computer with Tally PRIME is adequate for your operations, the Silver edition is what you need.
  • This edition comes with all the features & capabilities including Tally.NET and services like Remote Access. With Tally PRIME Silver you can manage as many companies (business entities) and personal books of accounts as you need. You can also create as many users as you need, and provide each with the appropriate level of security. Your only restriction is that these users will all need to access Tally Prime from the system on which it is activated (licensed).
  • As a Silver user, you can create one Tally.NET identity, which you can use to login to your own system from home or while on the move. Other users of Tally Prime can also grant access to you by authorizing this Tally.NET identity.

Tally Prime Server

Tally Prime Server is an Enterprise Class product that helps fast growth medium and large size businesses to improve their business efficiencies. It enhances the power and control of Tally Prime Gold users by converting the existing 'peer-to-peer' kind of data access to 'server based' data management. Tally Prime Server is built with multi-version concurrency capabilities that provide the most efficient scalability. Tally Prime Server prioritizes every request equally, avoiding any queuing of access or modification requests. This is made possible as TS9 ensures data access / modification by a user is isolated to his / her own snapshot, thus allowing other users to operate smoothly.

Needs of Tally Prime Server: You are a growing business with 10+ employees performing various operations simultaneously. A business where multiple users are connected to the same data and there is a need for an administrator to manage the data access and also monitor the user’s activities. A business with multiple branches and head office. All the transactions of Branch office are consolidated to Head office while the local users are still operating smoothly.

Features of Tally Prime Server

Performing operations in a frictionless environment. Tally Prime Server enables multiple users to perform multiple actions, all at the same time. Two or more users can execute their tasks efficiently without any time lag. A user can view a report while another user makes changes to the same report at the same time. Data is real-time, consistent, and accurate.

Benefits of Tally Prime Server

  • Instantaneous speed of operations enabling you to have immediate access to your information at your finger-tips. This facilitates, reliable and quick decision making and thus reducing turn-around times for your business operations.
  • Un-interrupted concurrent access to data, reports and information which ensures 100% data availability to all users simultaneously. This saves time for the organization so that the resources can be re-deployed in other priority tasks. This wouldresult in optimal productiivty.
  • Zero waiting time and zero process queues ensures you have a hassle free experience with your system operations.
  • Ability to scale power and capcity to adapt to an ever growing multiuser environmentbacked by the capability to add additional users without compromising performance.
  • High degree of security over data and information through authorized and monitored data availability.

Tally Shoper9

Shoper 9 PoS along with Shoper 9 HO and Shoper 9 distributor, is up to task to meet the unique challenges of every retail business. Shoper 9 addresses all point of sale requirements such as billing, discounts and schemes, price management, MIS reporting and also common issues such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores.

Features of Tally Shoper9

Alerts Management

You can configure alerts to communicate messages for specific events. You can choose from different modes to send alerts to each showroom in a chain of stores to ensure that distance doesn’t break the chain of communication between you showrooms.

Alignment with GS1 Standard

Designed to improve the efficiency of supply chains, the GS1 standards are the most widely-used supply chain standards system in the world.

Shoper 9 allows you to generate the GS1 Standard Numbers for the stock items, based on the Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN) assigned to your business. Introduction of GTIN system is of great advantage, especially in case of businesses dealing with international brands or having outlets across the globe.

Till Management

Tills or POS counters are used to handle sales related operations like billing, return of goods, cancellation, cash receipts, cash payouts, and so on, in a retail outlet. The functionality is quick to enable and easy to use in Shoper 9.

Inventory Management

Shoper 9 is designed to handle a high volume of SKUs (items) and transactions. Effective and flexible inventory options make inventory management seamless with Shoper 9.

Catalogue Management

Manage large volumes of your retail business data using catalogues and appropriate business regulations. Catalogues hold business data like products, supply chain network, stores, configurations, and data communication schedules.

Print Engine

Using Print Engine, the printing related logic and business logic are separated and generate outputs based on configuration. Print engine gives the flexibility to customise business logic according to business needs, and also enables configuring printing instructions for all transactions or nodes through the engine.

Shoper 9 Components

Shoper 9 HO

HO supports centralised management of indents from the store, generation of consolidated Purchase Orders and integration with warehouses.

Shoper 9 POS/Distributor

Shoper 9 POS is a powerful Point of Sale (POS) software to manage all your retail operations in a store or distributor location.

Shoper 9 – Product Editions

Choose from three product editions - Silver, Gold, and Diamond - based on your business type and requirement.

Tally on Cloud

SAS provides cloud space dedicate to your organization. Get 24 x 7 access to the information across all the users simultaneously. Manage your large, medium or small enterprise, keeping your accounting data on Cloud Server. We Will provide you the real-time business data collaboration using Tally.ERP9. With advanced technology of cloud features, you can run your tally software from anywhere at any time and from any device having any OS with utmost security, stability, privacy and reliability.

Benefits of Cloud:

  • You can run your Tally anytime anywhere with 24*7 working leading to faster Business Information.
  • Tally Remote Support through a team of Tally Experts keeping your team updated.
  • No need to share your physical data with Chartered Accountants and Auditors.
  • Enhanced Security to your Tally data
  • Less dependence on IT person (There is no requirement of maintaining Computer Server for Tally Software).
  • Less Hardware Cost. (There is no requirement of Anti-Virus and Windows operating Server software licenses.

Biz Analyst- Mobile Tally App

Biz Analyst is one of the best Mobile app to access Tally data from any mobile device. It comes with great features and almost full functionality, so that you can achieve maximum. We are here to help you to integrate your Tally System to this Mobile App.

Features of Biz Analyst

Top Report

Treat the ones on the top! Biz Analyst lets you get reports of top customers (sales), suppliers (purchase), items sold and items purchased. Filter data by top 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 or choose custom time period. Share the reports as Excel or PDF.


Managing a daybook is easier than ever. View all vouchers created during the selected time period or filter by available voucher types. Share daybook report as Excel or PDF.

Ledger Report

With Biz Analyst, ledger reports are in your pocket. Check opening and closing balance for selected ledger and its transactions in selected time period, till transaction details. Share report as PDF, Excel or in text format.

Expense Analysis

Biz Analyst understands that for a business, it is important to keep an eye on expenses. You can view direct/indirect expenses with selected time period and get reports of individual expenses, transactions and other details.

Sales / Purchase Order Analysis

Insights is what drives a business forward. Biz Analyst offers complete sales/purchase order reporting up till the voucher details. You can also view the items ordered by batch and godown. Share the order report through Email, WhatsApp etc.

Multiple companies

With Biz Analyst you can add multiple companies from your Tally ERP9/Prime. All you’ve to do is sync the list with Biz Analyst desktop application and connect with the mobile app.

CredFlow- Mobile Tally App

Credflow is also one of the popular Mobile app to access Tally data from any mobile device. Trusted by 25000+ businesses it comes with great features and almost full functionality, so that you can achieve maximum. We are here to help you to integrate your Tally System to this Mobile App.

About Credflow app

Powerful Automation

Eliminate Dependence on your Collection Managers and Automate your Collections

  • Automated Payment Reminders on SMS, Email, Call
  • Auto sharing of Invoices with Debtors
  • Autoallocation of Payments to Invoices

Seamless Team Collaboration

Eliminate Dependence on your Collection Managers and Automate your Collections

  • Give Access to Users Anywhere
  • One Tap sharing of Information with Customers
  • Create and manage task in CRM

Powerful Cashflow Management

Make Better Business Decision through deep insights about your business.

  • Create incentive scheme for Debtors
  • Control credit extended and avoid bad debts
  • Auto generated business reports for Promoters

GreytHR- HR & Payroll Management

Greytip Software was founded with the aim of providing relevant and cost-effective software solutions in the HR domain to companies worldwide. Since 2009, we’ve done that with greytHR - India’s 1st ever fully integrated cloud-based HR & Payroll software. It’s powerful automation options and cost-effective nature make greytHR a preferred choice of 15,000+ brands around the world, including industry leaders like Chai Point, Volvo, Teamlease, and Hexaware.

Whether your team has 5 or 50,000 members, we enable HR departments of all shapes and sizes to leverage IT for both effectiveness and efficiency. greytHR automates all people operations including employee information management, leave and attendance management, training, appraisals, compensation and much more - making it a people managers’ best friend.

GreytHR give you a wide range of Products.

  • HR Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Mobile App For Employees